• Kimchi Party Canapes

    Snacks do not have to be boring or unhealthy! This kimchi kraut canapés are a great inspiration for a party snack of an entree dish when you have friends or family over! There is a great balance between intense kimchi flavour, crunchiness of beetroot and pumpkin sweetness that make this simple dish exciting. Moreover looking at the colours no-one will hesitate to try it! 
  • Millet Porridge with Classic Kraut

    Porridge doesn't mean only oats and it doesn't equal sweet! Creamy savoury porridge - style bowls are amazing breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas that will satisfy everyones taste! And you can top them with natural probiotic source such as sauerkraut! Depending on the grains and flavour variation I would choose different kraut, for this millet one it is classic kraut that rocks! 
  • Purple Kraut Nourish Bowl

    Nourish bowls are one of the easiest meal ideas and probably one of the most colourful and nutritious. Balance your plate with different flavours, colours and nutrients choosing your favourite ingredients or the ones that you have currently in the kitchen. You can also use some leftovers and create zero waste meal! Try to include your proteins, carbohydrates, oils, veggies, greens, and don't forget about fermented food being a great source of natural probiotic and vitamins. It is a mush have of a great nourish bowl!
  • Golden Kraut Spring Bowl

    Spring is all about vibrant colour, isn't it? So is our rainbow salad with golden turmeric kraut as a queen! Full of fresh and seasonal products it will nourish your body and support you gut bacteria during this transition time between winter and spring. It is a perfect choice for both lunch and dinner as well as a beautiful and yummy shared dish that you can serve when you have friends over!