The Crowd

The Crowd means community

The crowd means decentralisation, the crowd means that we are together in this food transition to a healthier and planet proof food system.
We at SauerCrowd want to bring all these wonderful fermented food producers together on one platform. To share the love for gut-friendly and sustainable food. 

The Crowd is here to increase diversity. 

1. Diversity within us by offering organic, handcrafted plant based food full of viable bacteria to strengthen our inner microbiome and increase the diversity and resilience within our digestive system
2. Diversity around us. Our planet is suffering from monoculture practices on farmlands, destruction of nature, and the extinction of species all around the world. SauerCrowd stands for biodynamic, organic, and regenerative farming as the future model of growing plants to nourish humanity. 
Our Promise: Everyone joining the Crowd is responsible for their actions and business practices. Every product offered on this Crowd-Webshop is grown and fermented/produced in compliance with our brand promises. 

The Crowd means learning and exploring together 

The Crowd is open for everyone. Are you interested in gut-health, fermentation, sustainable food production and consumption, plant-based food, a organic & local food system, and most of all the connection between gut & your brain? You found the right place to be!
We are striving to keep SauerCrowd an open platform for change-makers. Change form the inside out. Healing from the inside out. 

The Fermentation Crowd

Cultcha Kombucha



Based in culturally diverse Amsterdam, Cultcha Kombucha is a unique, female-owned, artisanal microbrewery (the first in the Netherlands). We craft a healthy, authentic and delicious elixir, selecting only premium ingredients of the highest quality, whilst remaining devoted to the environment.

Willicroft Plant based cheese


Brad Vanstone

In 1957 my grandparents moved to Willicroft Farm in Devon with 1 tractor, 12 cows and a pack of cigarettes. They started farming to tackle the greatest issue facing humanity at that time - feeding the nation after the Second World War. They built the farm from the ground up turning it into one of the most respected dairy farms in Devon.

Much like Willicroft Farm, we're also addressing the greatest issues facing humanity today - the warming of our planet. We're reimagining how we consume cheese. The mission is different, but the keys to success the same - dedication, partnerships, and real love and passion for what we're doing.

Cultures and fermentation play a huge part in cheese-making. We're reimagining how we consume cheese combining age-old techniques with a more planet-friendly ingredient base.

- Brad, founder of Willicroft

My Vegan Fam 

My vegan fam tempeh

My vegan fam

Hey there, this is Valentina!

Busy with Vegan food and Nutrition since my eighteen (which is quite some time ago, now) together with my husband I have always loved to produce our own food: tofu, seitan, tempeh, fresh pasta, bread and pizza, kombucha, fermented drinks and vegetables...cakes and anything that involves chocolate. Recently, I have discovered a burning passion for Tempeh that pushes me to get out and spread the love and awareness for this fantastic yet not so known food. 

MyVeganFam originates from our family of four but with the time the meaning got wider, embracing everyone that feels responsible for a more sustainable way of eating, living and respecting other living beings. Anyone is welcome to feel part of the Fam!

I hope you get inspired by the pictures and the loves that shines through them, and that you like our Tempeh as much as we do!

Peace, Love and Tempeh - Valentina


OH NA MI is Kimchi. It does not come from a precise recipe, but through research has become a patchwork of my experiences in horeca over the past 19 years, and the teachings of my mother who continues to bestow generations of kimchi knowledge to me.

Traditional authentic Korean kimchi for professionals and supermarkets. 

Alex Boyce is a big part of the Crowd since day 1, with him we where also able to develop our famous Kimchi Kraut which is made from organically certified ingredients and has a well balanced umami taste.

OhNaMi is also part of Kitchen Republic which is the Amsterdam food start-up community kitchen we are based at.

BUMI Mindfull Foods


We are Florian and Daan: enthusiastic outdoor athletes, nature lovers and above all good friends. Back in 2016 we were searching for plant-based products that are tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare. As we couldn't find them, we decided to take matters into our own hands, with the plant-based food brand BUMI as a result. 
BUMI means earth in Indonesian. It is our ode to all the beauty that grows out of the soil. Under the motto Mindful Foods we want to keep this earth healthy together with conscious home cooks like you. 
How? By developing nutritious and sustainable products with which you can easily cook something tasty. 
Ready-to-eat tempeh made from French lupin beans (In our box in March/April 2020)
Lupin is a protein-rich legume that grows very well in Europe. This makes it a sustainable alternative for legumes from faraway corners of the world. 
The lupin bean gives our tempeh a nutty, slightly sweet taste. It was love at first bite.

& many more to come

The Crowd is growing

If you want to be part of the Crowd and become featured in our gut-mind box please contact us.