Our team with beautiful people all have a passion for health, good nutrition and sustainability. All with one mission: to make the world a better place and to provide everyone with optimal health. As Hippocrates said: 'Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'. We strongly believe that gut health is the base of a healthy body and mind!


   Moritz - Founder
As a chef I have worked in Michelin star restaurants all over Europe, learning everything about Novel cuisine and the art of cooking & preserving. I have a degree in BA and do research on the gut-mind connection/food health. My values: sustainable food production, crowd building, health, locality, decentralization, and most importantly, a great taste within our fermented foods.

Michelle - Dietician, mind-gut content
 I'm passionate about the holistic view on health. I believe that it all starts and end in our gut and that not a lot of people know about this fact. I will work with SauerCrowd to make sure that there will be more awareness about gut health. Will be responsible for the mind-gut journal and the information about gut-health.
Magdalena - Trainee, recipes development, content

 I stand behind an inspirational plant based blog called @getinspired.mag. I specialise particularly in recipe development, food styling and photography and will be responsible for all of that at Sauercrowd. As I study branding and communication, social media and content management is something that interests me too.

Kaylee - Trainee, production, sales and social media
 I study at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The major I am following is focussed on Nutrition & New Product Management. For now, I am following an internship at SauerCrowd. I will be helping in the production process and focus on the communication strategy. I find it very interesting to learn more about the gut- health, that's why I chose for SauerCrowd.

Lisa - Production  
Cooking, preserving, and creating meals for family and friends has always been my greatest passion. In growing older I realized that the food we buy in our modern supermarkets getting less and less nutritious, rather higher processed and "fast". Preserving food with all of its nutrients and making it even more delicious with fermentation is part of my culture an family kitchen background. Being able to ferment for others and help them to improve their gut-health with our food is just so amazing to me, that is why I loving being part of the Crowd.