• Roasted Celeriac with Juicy Fermented Salsa

    So simple, yet so delicious! Autumn definitely calls for root vegetables and some immune boosters like fermented veggies, garlic or spicy food! T...
  • Plant based SauerCrowd Burger - " 15 minutes recipe"

    Today we introduce you to our favourite burger at the moment, probably for a loooong time. And surprise you don't even need to buy one of these hi...
  • Seasonal Nourish Bowl for Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! Here is a really simple recipe for a delicious bowl full of nutrients, colours and spring vibes! Try to eat as much seasonal food as you can and don't forget about your daily dose of healthy probiotics like our kraut! 
  • Smoked Tofu Bowl With Kimchi Kraut

    Let's bring a little bit of spring to your plate! Smoked tofu, millet with sprouts and delicious creamy sauce with flavourful kimchi kraut and fresh dill is everything you need right now! This well balanced bowl is a perfect idea for spring lunch at home! If you want to make it easier, plan in advance and prepare earlier things like millet, sprouts, roasted veggies or dressing and then just quickly throw ingredients in a bowl, top with amazing natural probiotics like kimchi kraut and enjoy!