Vibrant Carrot and Golden Kraut Toast

While being in a lockdown you have probably seen on Instagram that everyone bakes its own bread. Well, not without a reason, because there is nothing better and more satisfying than eating your homemade freshly baked loaf top with colourful vibrant veggies. We have recently posted a recipe for a starter as well as explained the whole baking process which you can find here. But coming back to toasts, you can be really creative playing with colours, flavours and textures. Below you can find a simple recipe for delicious carrot stripes toast served with our turmeric flavour Golden Kraut, fresh sprouts and herbs. 



  • Sourdough bread
  • Vegan butter
  • Carrot
  • Sprouted mung beans (or any other sprouts) 
  • Golden Kraut 
  • Fresh thyme
  • Black sesame seeds 
  • Sea salt



  • Preheat the pan and toast your bread without using any oil on both sides.
  • Use vegetable peeler to make carrot stripes. Try to peel it from each side. 
  • Slice your bread, spread vegan butter and top it with carrot stripes, golden kraut and mung beans. Sprinkle your toast with black sesame seeds, add a pinch of salt and some fresh thyme and enjoy!


*Instead of vegan butter you can use normal butter, cream cheese or any spread like hummus 

*For mung bean sprouts I really recommend you to do it yourself by simply soaking beans overnight and then placing them in the jar covered with cloth (so they can breath) and rinsing twice a day (morning and evening). After 2-3 days your sprouts are ready to eat! 

*If you want to make your own bread as we did haw a look at our how to ferment section :)