Gut-Mind Journal (English)

  • Mindful eating and the gut

    When we talk about mindful eating, we mean eating without doing anything other than focusing on our food. Often, when we’re eating, we’re busy with other things, like watching television, scrolling on our phone, or working. All this seems super efficient, but we cannot enjoy our food to the fullest.
  • Stress and health

    Stress: a word that has come up more and more in recent years. People around us are sometimes (and often) stressed, we feel stress, and we get stress from different situations. But what, exactly, is stress? And how does our body react to it? 


  • Diversity of our microbiome

    Why is diversity of our microbiome so important for us? Moritz will explain in this Gut-Mind journal.

    When we form our microbiome and what exactly is the microbiome we will tell in the Gut-Mind Journal: The microbiome from birth.