Purple Rain "Sushi" Bowl

Have you ever tried quinoa as a rice substitute in sushi rolls? If not, go for it next time you decide to make sushi at home. However while making sushi takes a bit of time and effort, making a sushi style bowl is super simple and equally delicious!¬†ūüėč
Just choose your base and put veggies that you love having in your sushi. We absolutely love any of our krauts either in a roll or a sushi style bowl but this time purple won! Make it look like a rainbow to boost your immunity! Add some nori that will give you this Japanese flavour feel and delicious dressing based on citrusy Noan olive oil which gives this delicious extra flavour to the whole meal! 
Oh and don’t forget about chopsticks as it makes the whole lot of difference in experiencing food and mindful eating!


  • Cooked quinoa (1/2 cup)
  • Fresh cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Nori sheets cut/broken down into pieces
  • Sesame seeds
  • Purple Rain kraut
  • Noan Olive Oil (1/4 cup)
  • White miso
  • Tamari
  • Sea salt
  • Sumac


  • If you haven't cooked your¬†quinoa¬†already, do this now by placing well rinsed (or even previously soaked)¬†quinoa with twice amount of water and some salt and cook it until is soft but not overcooked (around 20 min).
  • In the meantime¬†cut cucumber and carrots into nice matchsticks like you would put into the sushi. You can leave both of them raw or gently stir fry carrots with tamari and sesame seeds until al dente as I did.¬†
  • Now it's time for super quick dressing. Simply mix white miso, sumac and some of the citrusy olive oil which¬†add this amazing, gently acidic touch to the dish.¬†
  • Once you have everything ready plate all the ingredients like I did in the photo creating and abundant and colourful quinoa "sushi" bowl.¬†
  • Don't forget to drizzle dressing on top and to grab chopsticks and enjoy :) ¬†

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