• Winter parsnip - pear Stamppot with delicious Purple Rain Kraut

    We all know that a traditional Stamppot dish comes with potatoes, meat and kraut! Today we want to inspire you with our plant based alternative recipe to the Dutch classic recipe which normally contains cooked Kraut (pasteurized without alive bacteria as well as meat addition. 
  • Jackfruit Golden Kraut Sandwich with Blue Mayo

    Our dear friend Jason from @theindigokitchen has created this super delicious and simple Jack fruit sandwich full of fiber (jack fruit/vegetables) and alive bacteria (golden sauerkraut). Make your next Sandwich as colorful as this one with a few simple ingredients and enjoy your gut-friendly snack.
  • Vegan Pierogies – Wild Garlic Dough with Classic Kraut

    The SauerCrowd interpreted recipe of a very classic polish dish- pierogies. They are stuffed dumplings cooked in water and afterwards pan fried to get this golden crunchy crust to it. Our version of it- vegan, with wild garlic pesto in the dough and classic kraut as well as vegan cream cheese in the filling.

  • Hummus Plate with Golden Kraut

    Hummus doesn't have to be boring! It is definitely more than a sandwich paste or a dip to eat with veggie sticks or bread! You can play with flavours, toppings and colours and get really creative! Super smooth and creamy hummus, topped with black rice, homemade pickles, sprouts and a Golden Turmeric kraut is my lockdown discovery and meal that I have been recently loving! And I am sure you will enjoy it too!