Vegan Pierogies – Wild Garlic Dough with Classic Kraut

Vegan pierogies with Sauercrowd classic kraut

Exploring fermented cabbage recipes around the globe. 🌏 Today- Poland!🇵🇱

We want to share our interpreted recipe of a very classic polish dish- pierogies. They are stuffed dumplings of Central and Eastern Europe cooked in water and afterwards pan fried to get this golden crunchy crust to it.

Classically, they are filled with potatoes, cheese, ground meat and, you guessed it- sauerkraut. 🌿 our version of it- vegan, with wild garlic pesto in the dough and vegan cream cheese in the filling to get this little twist in taste and creaminess in texture.

Sauerkraut simply adds a salty, funky, acidic twist to the richness of the potato mash with which it’s blended 🤤 topped with caramelized onions and a nice dip it’s simply a dream late summer/ autumn dish! 🍁

  • Dough
    All purpose flour
    3 Cups
    1 Cup
    Wild Garlic Pesto
    3 tbsp
    Sea Salt
    1 pinch
    Vegan Sour Creme (or ricotta, find recipe on
    3 tbsp
    Boiled potatoes
    3 medium
    Nutritional Yeast
    1 tbsp
    Sea Salt
    1 pinch
    Apple cider vinegar
    1/2 tbsp
    1/2 tbsp
    White Pepper
    1 pinch
    Red Onion
    Vegan Sour Cream (selfmade or purchased)
    4 tbsp
    Time to cook 35 minutes, make 4 servings


So let’s start. Another recipe showing the creative potential of our kraut.


  • How you do it:

    1. Start with the dough

      1. Mix the flour with salt, wild garlic pesto and water and stir with a spoon until everything is roughly combined. Continue with your hands until you have a ball of dough. Don’t worry when it seems to be dy at first, eventually it will turn out after a while.


      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog

      2. Grease a bowl and set into the fridge while you prepare the filling

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog


      The Stuffing

      1.  Start with boiling water for the potatoes and boil them until they are soft.
      2.  Add them to a mixing bowl together with the sour cream (if you dont have vegan sour cream, try out this recipe ). 
      3.  Add a pinch of salt, nutmeg, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, white pepper and smash the potatoes either with a mixer or with your hands.
      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog


      4. It should have the texture like you see below, than add the Sauerkraut (preferably the raw fermented version from SauerCrowd and mix again.

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog

      5. Take the dough from tthe fridge and knead before you flour a surface and start to roll it out, as thin as you can.

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog

      6. with a small cup, start to make circles in the dough.

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog

      7. Take one of the circles into you hand a pull gently on the edges of two opposite sides, so you get an oval.

      8. Now place half a tbsp into the middle of the dough and softly pinch the edges together. They need to be closed.

      9. place them on a floured tray and continue until you have no more dough and stuffing left.

      10. Cut onions into rings and caramelize them in a pan while you heat a pot of salt water for the Pierogies.

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog

      11. add them to the water and wait until they float on the surface, that is when they are done.

      12. Take the onions out and place the Pierogies in the pan until they are golden and slightly crunchy on both sides.

      Vegan Pierogies by Truefoodsblog


      13. Serve with vegan sour cream, onions and loads of love.

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