Winter parsnip - pear Stamppot with delicious Purple Rain Kraut


We all know that a traditional Stamppot dish comes with potatoes, meat and kraut! Today, we want to inspire you with our plant based alternative recipe to the Dutch classic. Traditionally, the recipe contains cooked Kraut (pasteurized without alive bacteria) as well as meat addition.

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This recipe is so simple, that every hobby chef in the world will be able to make it happen. The recipe inspiration comes from our Friend Alexandra @holaolavg_ and it contains probiotic kraut as a topping (not cooked). Merry Christmas 🎁

Aleksandra and her food blog: holaolavg_
SauerCrowd stampott purple rain kraut recipe 2
Hint: Use the Purple Rain as a topping to keep all the viable bacteria and nutrients alive (instead of mixing it into the potatoes). 
INGREDIENTS (4 people):
    • Stamppot

    0,5 kg potatoes

    2 parsnip

    1 pear


    1 tsp dijon mustard

    4-5 tbsp plant- based milk

    • Gravy:

    1 big onion

    1 tbsp red vinagre 

    1 tsp olive oil


    ¾ cup bulion 

    1 tbsp cornstarch 

    • Purple Rain Kraut

    • Plant- based meat replacement or Roasted walnuts, basically something nutritious and crunchy :)


1. Cook all the vegetable and pear until soft,

2. Meanwhile, in a pan over low heat add sliced onion with vinegar and pinch of salt, caramelized until gold/ brown stirring from time to time. When soft add vegetable broth and cornstarch dissolved in 3 tbsp of water.

3. Keep stirring until smooth and to avoid creating clumps.  

4. When all the vegetables and pear are soft, pour out the water and mash everything  with mustard and plant-based milk until creamy texture, season to taste.

5. On your favorite plate - the stamppot goes first then 1-2 heaped spoon of the gravy  topped generously with Purple Rain Kraut. You can add some plant based meat replacement or anything you have in mind, roasted nuts are also good to have some extra crunch !

Voila !


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 SauerCrowd stampott purple rain kraut recipe