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Water Kefir Elderberry flower (unpasteurised)

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Karma Kefir is a 100% organic refreshing, naturally fizzy soft drink. Karma because for every bottle sold, the start-up acts C02 neutral by supporting reforestation programs. 

The raw water Kefir must be kept refrigerated "because its alive" and not pasteurized.

Ingredients: Osmosis water, elder flower infusion * 3%, kefir fruit kernels *, raisins *, lemon juice *, lemon zest *, sea salt, hibiscus infusion *, cane sugar *

* = Organic certified

Net content: 500ml (Vegan)

Nutritional values

Energy 17 kcal (71 kJ)
Total fat 0 gram
Saturated fat 0 gram
Carbs 1.1 gram
Sugars 1.1 gram
Dietery fibers 0 gram
Protein 3.1 gram
Salt 0.04 gram