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KR Community Support - SauerCrowd

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SauerCrowd and Kitchen Republic have worked together to create this monthly changing Community Support Box. Full of gut-healthy food to #SupportImmunity while buying from local Dutch producers to #SupportCommunity

Box content

2x Jars raw, fermented organic SauerCrowd products (e.g. Kimchi, Kraut, Salsa)

3x Products with focus on health (monthly changing: e.g. Tomatillo salsa by Roots, Rice & Beans, Bone Broth by Babs, Tempeh by MyVeganFam, Vegan Cheese by Willicroft, Keto products by Mishu)

1x Refreshing drink (e.g. Cultcha Kombucha, Zzinga sparkling honey, Tinto, Lowlander etc. )

1x Comfort foods (e.g. Chocolate makers, Nuts & Chocolate, Banan bread by Baked in Amsterdam, Pizza/Focaccia by True Pizza etc.)

1x SauerCrowd organic cotton bag (with golden turmeric imprint)

What are you supporting? 

Next to your own happy belly with gut friendly fermented food and keto products you are supporting local Dutch (mainly Amsterdam based) food producers on their mission to offer sustainable handcrafted food to the community. 

Every producer receives a fair price for his small scale mostly hand made product which should become the norm not only in corona times!

Shelf-life & storage

Store products according to instructions on the label (mainly in the fridge). The shelf-live differs from product to product. Fresh prepared foods should be eaten within 3 Day, all packaged foods have the best before indication. 

Fermented foods -> Open lid and jars carefully, our ferments are alive and unpasteurized they may pop when opening (Don't panic that is organic and a sign of quality) 


Thanks for your support, enjoy the ferments and please share your experiences on our as well as @kitchenrepublicnl Instagram and Facebook