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Hops Kombucha (unpasteurised)

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Yes, you heard it right. A dry-hopped, IPA-style kombucha made with 4 different types of American hops. Combining the best of both worlds to bring you a new dimension of kombucha. The perfect alternative for 0.0% beers.

  • Raw and unpasteurised
  • 33cl
  • Certified organic
  • Dry-hopped, IPA style
  • Non-alcoholic
  • All-natural. Nothing artificial
  • Needs to be stored refrigerated (2-7C)

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic black tea, organic live kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, hops.

Nutritional information per 100ml: Energy 77kJ (18,4kcal) / Fat: 0 gr; of which saturated fats: 0 gr / Carbohydrates 4,6 gr; of which sugars 4,6 gr / Proteins: 0 gr / Salt: 0 gr.

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated (2-7C). Consume within 3 days after opening.