Large Gut-Mind Box - SauerCrowd
Large Gut-Mind Box - SauerCrowd

Large Gut-Mind Box

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This Box is full of:

 4x Raw, fermented & unpasteurised kraut (e.g. Golden, Bonfire, Purple & Classic)

 2x Raw, fermented & unpasteurised Kimchi 

 3x Cultcha Kombucha (unpasteurised seasonal flavour)

 1-2x Seasonal surprise ferment (e.g. tempeh, vegan cheese, lacto-veggies)

 1x SauerCrowd merch with first order (e.g. cotton bag) 



SauerCrowd Recipes (check our food blog)

& The gut-mind journal online (with Michelle & Moritz)

 (Our ferments are raw unpasteurised and arrive alive, please open lid gently - fermentation could continue while cold transportation)

The packaging material is recyclable / compostable made from plant based materials